What is RDP?

Remote desktop is generally technology that enables users to connect to a particular computer from a distant location as if they were remaining in front of it. Once the connection is created, users can complete a broad range of tasks as if they are really utilizing the computer in person. They can control apps, repair all the issues, and even complete administrative functions if they want to do so.

How Does Remote Desktop Work?

Now thee question arises that how do RDP works? The RDP protocol is created to implement remote access via port 3389. An RDP-enabled application or service packages the data that is to be transferred and the Microsoft Communications Service addresses the data to an RDP channel. Now, there, the operating system encrypts the RDP data and attaches it to support so that it can be transferred.

How to connect to RDP??

To connect RDP, three things are required: IP, Username & Password. These details will be given to you by email after placing the order. Follow tutorial to connect with RDP: Windows: Go to START > search for “Remote Desktop Connection” > Open it > Submit IP, Username and Password.

What is Private RDP?

Well, Private RDP, You Own the Full Administrator Rights, which implies that you can perform anything in private RDP. Not only this but also you can install any software which you require to install.

Which RDP location is available?

We have data centres all over the world: USA, Canada, Netherlands and more.

Do you provide RDP with full admin access?

Yes, all our plans come with full admin access, at the moment we do not provide shared plans.

Does your service have a refund policy?

Yes, we have 48 hour money back guarantee but you have to give a valid reason. Read Refund Policy in Detail.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept multiple payment methods like PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Paytm, Credit / Debit Card.

How long will RDP account details be given after payment?

RDP details will be given by e-mail within 30 minutes of payment and verification.

What Kind Of RDP Do I Need?

Buy RDP according to your need and budget. Choose best cofiguration for yourself. We are providing best RAM and CPU in our RDPs. So better buy from us.