Download iPhone 15 & 15 Pro Wallpapers [Full HD+ 4k Resolution] (2023)

Apple released the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series with strong new models and stunning backgrounds. You’ll love the high-resolution iPhone 15 and 15 Pro wallpapers.

Apple unveiled four new iPhone models: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which significantly improved the iPhone series. In line with tradition, Apple gave the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus vibrant wallpapers, while the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max feature elegant backgrounds.

You may get the newest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers here to customize your smartphone.

Understanding 4K/Full HD

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have Full HD+ and 4K screens. These dimensions influence wallpaper clarity, color saturation, and display on your device.

  • Super HD Plus

Full HD+ has 2340×1080 pixels. This resolution is ideal for most people since it balances visual quality with system performance. Wallpapers of this quality may provide stunning pictures without straining smartphone technology.

  • 4K

4K boasts an astounding 2160 by 3840 pixels. Users who value wallpaper detail and clarity would love this highest resolution. 4K wallpapers with bright colors and realistic photos look even better on the iPhone 15 Pro’s smart screen.

New iPhone 15 Series Wallpaper

New iPhone 15 wallpapers are available for download from Apple yearly. You may update your phone’s lock screen and home screen with these wallpapers, which range from bold and bright to delicate and delicate. The new 4K iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Series wallpapers work with older iPhones. 

New iPhone 15 free 4K Wallpapers

By standardizing and extending Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15, Apple struck new ground. The Cupertino-based tech giant incorporated a robust 48-megapixel primary camera with 2x magnification for brighter and clearer photos and the desired USB-C connector for charging and data transfers. Apple’s iPhone 15 has 5 colours. The normal brand colors are green, black, blue, yellow, and pink for wallpapers. 

Download iPhone 15 Pro 4K Wallpapers

Apple’s iPhone Pro models are suitable for power users due to their advanced hardware and other features. The redesigned Titanium body of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max removes the mute button, while the 3nm A17 Pro Bionic CPU replaces the A16 chip, and the Lightning connector is replaced with USB-C.

Apple has an ultrawide camera, a 3x telephoto camera that uses tetraprise to bend the light path four times before reaching the sensor, and a 48MP main camera with several focal lengths. 

There are four iPhone 15 Pro colors: natural titanium, blue, white, and black. Beautiful wallpapers enhance the iPhone’s beauty.

How can I change the iPhone Wallpaper?

Download the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro wallpapers and follow these steps to add them to your iOS 17 iPhone:

1. Launch iPhone Photos

2. Tap the Wallpaper you want on your iPhone 15 or 15 Pro to launch it.

3. Select Share from the drop-down.

4. Choose Use as Wallpaper at the bottom of the Share page.

5. To save your wallpaper customization, click Add in the top right corner.

6. Choose Set as Wallpaper Pair from the dialogue.

By Following the procedures above, you may use an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro wallpaper for the Lock screen and Home screen in iOS 17.

New iPhone 15 Wallpapers Collection

The iPhone 15 comes with five new wallpapers, while the Pro variants have twenty. The iPhone 15 series has 25 new wallpapers. The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro come in several hues. Like previous wallpapers, they were designed for the iPhone 15. The new iPhone 15 wallpaper comes in pink, blue, green, yellow, and black.

Wallpaper choices for the iPhone 15 Pro are Natural, Blue, White, and Black Titanium. The collection now has five wallpapers per color scheme.

You can download all iPhone 15 wallpapers in their original, high-resolution version. The new backgrounds are 11702532 and 11792556 pixels. 

Method of Downloading

  • Exploring Wallpaper 

When choosing Wallpaper, consider your likes and the iPhone 15’s appearance. See where designers and enthusiasts share their work on websites, wallpaper apps, and social media.

  • Choosing a Background

Use the download links to find a backdrop you like. The Wallpaper you pick will generally extend to cover the screen so you can check it out and make sure it meets your interests.

Wallpaper Preservation

  • Right-click to save the file

Right-clicking a wallpaper image saves it to your hard disk. Right-click the image and choose “Save Image As.” Choose a location on your computer to store it. Rename the file if needed.

  • On mobile, tap and hold

Touch and hold to expand iPhone images. A drop-down menu with several options will appear soon. Take the Wallpaper to your device by clicking “Save Image”. Your device’s gallery lets you see the photo anytime.

Installing Wallcoverings

  • Accessing Preferences: Downloaded iPhone wallpaper may be applied. Locate “Settings” on your home screen. The “Settings” gear or cogwheel symbol is usually on the app drawer or home screen.
  • Preferences for background: Tap “Wallpaper” under “Settings” to access wallpaper options.
  • Wallcovering Selection: The “Wallpaper” settings section offers home and lock screen wallpapers. Tap “Choose a New Wallpaper” or “Choose a New Lock Screen Wallpaper” to change the home or lock screen background.
  • Locating Saved Background Image: When you select “Choose a New Wallpaper,” a window will display your photo albums and folders. Go to the album or folder with your downloaded Wallpaper. If you saved it in Photos, it’s presumably in the “Recents” or “Downloads” folder.
  • Choose Wallpapers: Touch the Wallpaper you downloaded to choose it. You may then move and adjust it to fit your display. Adjust the Wallpaper to your liking here. Select “Set” when satisfied with the look.
  • Choice of Application Location: After clicking “Set,” the Wallpaper may be set for the home screen, lock screen, or both. Touch the one that fits you best.
  • Confirmation: Select “Set Lock Screen,” “Set Home Screen,” or “Set Both” to finish. This transfers the newly downloaded Wallpaper to the specified displays.

On your iPhone 15, your new Wallpaper will display on the lock screen, home screen, or both. Enjoy the fresh, customized look of your device with your favorite Wallpaper. Remember that you may use these techniques to change or refresh your wallpapers at any moment to give your iPhone a new, interesting appearance.

Wallpaper sources

After you understand these figures, we can discuss where to find the greatest iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers:

  • Official Apple Wallpapers 

Apple updates sometimes include iPhone-specific wallpapers. These wallpapers are easily accessible in Apple device settings or on the Apple website. These wallpapers match your device’s screen and enhance its attractiveness.

  • Wallpaper Apps 

Many fantastic iPhone wallpaper apps are available in the App Store. These apps make finding and choosing the right Wallpaper easy. For a big wallpaper selection, download “Wallpapers HD,” “Zedge,” or “Walli”.

  • Virtual Groups

Look on Reddit and r/iWallpaper for user-made wallpapers. Other iPhone users have created numerous creative wallpapers here.

  • Third-Party Wallpaper Apps 

More backdrop selections are available with App Store third-party apps. These apps provide a large selection of high-resolution wallpapers and categorize them so you can simply choose one that matches your mood and style.

Creating Your Own Wallpapers

Create your wallpapers if you’re feeling creative. Customizing your iPhone 15 or 15 Pro with custom wallpapers is fun and rewarding. Some of the greatest wallpaper-making apps include Procreate, Adobe Spark, and Canva. This way, you may personalize your device and show off your creativity.

Optimizing Wallpapers for Your Device

Download or create Wallpaper that fits your screen resolution (1080 x 2340 for Full HD+ and 2160 x 3840 for 4K). This makes sure the wallpapers appear excellent on your smartphone and maximize its display. Avoid upscaling low-resolution photographs for the best device visuals.

Following these rules and looking around, you may find and produce iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers that look excellent and showcase the device’s stunning display. Home and lock screen customization possibilities are almost endless, whether you like official Apple wallpapers or user-created graphics.

Consider Wallpaper Dynamics

  • Dynamic Wallpapers 

Dynamic wallpapers may be added to iPhone home and lock screens for subtle interactivity. These wallpapers respond to touch and device movement with a simple yet captivating visual experience. Theme-specific dynamic wallpapers featuring bubbles, smoke, or particle effects may be accessed in device settings. These dynamic characteristics may make your device stand out.

  • Live Wallpapers

Live Photos offer interactivity to backdrop photos. Live Photos bring backdrops to life with a few seconds of pre- and post-photo video. Enjoy wonderful memories or freeze the enhancement of a moving sight using this tool.

Wallpaper Organization and Customization

  • Custom Wallpaper Collections 

It is natural to want to arrange your increasing wallpaper collection into themed, seasonal, or important groupings. You might divide your wallpaper selection into brilliant summer designs and warm fall and winter tones. The option to swiftly change backgrounds to match your mood is useful.

  • Widget Coordination 

Consider how your home screen backdrop and widgets relate. Widgets may enhance a system’s appearance and provide access to vital data and applications. Customizing widgets to match wallpaper colors and patterns may make your home screen seem more sophisticated.

  • Modifying App Icon

Some people modify Wallpaper beyond the ordinary using application icons. You may match your application icons to your background using specialist software or icon packs.

Wallpaper Best Practices

  • Wallpaper Placement 

Icons, widgets, and application titles on the home screen may change the Wallpaper’s appearance. Try several wallpapers to find which displays the most of your desired image without icons.

  • Wallpaper Design Selection

The iPhone wallpaper you choose might affect how you feel when using it. Nature, abstract art, and pop culture homage are among the themes. Think about how you want to use your gadget like for fun, motivation, or boasting.

Wallpaper Security and Privacy

  • Wallpaper Security and Privacy 

Carefully choose what to display on your iPhone’s lock screen, which is its initial impression. Change wallpaper that displays your home address, phone number, or important papers promptly. Maintaining privacy is crucial.

  • Wallpaper Apps Security 

Consider the permissions wallpaper apps request before installing from the App Store. Applications may require camera roll, location, and other data. Consider the apps you trust before allowing them these privileges.

Regularly Refresh Your Wallpaper

  • Seasonal Wallpaper Change

Change wallpapers seasonally to express your mood. Spring floral wallpapers are lovely, while winter snowy wallpapers are cozy. This keeps your device smelling and feeling fresh and makes your digital life merry.

  • Sharing Creativity

If you make or find great iPhone wallpapers, consider sharing them with the iPhone customizing community. Reddit, Instagram, and iPhone customization forums are wonderful places to network with like-minded individuals and receive ideas.

  • Custom Widgets 

To further customize widgets, match their look to your backdrop. If you choose beautiful, simple widgets or ones with vibrant colors and animations, they may fit in with your smartphone’s backdrop.

Wallpaper resolution for iPhone 15 and 15 Pro?

New iPhone 15 and 15 Pro wallpapers are 1290 x 2796 pixels. Your screen will display high-resolution wallpapers with outstanding clarity and color accuracy. These wallpapers were designed for the iPhone’s screen and look fantastic on the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Always on Display.

Where can I download iOS 17’s official wallpapers?

Apple’s website now has iOS 17 wallpapers. For a consistent appearance across Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, utilize these backgrounds. With iOS 17, wallpapers are typically designed to reflect the latest iOS features and aesthetics, giving your Apple devices a more current look.

Download these gorgeous wallpapers from your iOS device’s settings or wallpaper app. Apple offers a broad range of wallpapers to give your Apple devices a fresh look.


Wallpapers can customize your iPhone 15 or 15 Pro and boost performance. Wallpapers should make use of your device’s amazing display; thus, knowledge of Full HD+ to 4K is crucial.

You may use official Apple wallpapers, specialist apps, internet clubs, and picture websites. Live Photos and dynamic backdrops stimulate the senses.

If you organize widgets and app icons well, your Wallpaper may match the overall look. Seasonal wallpapers and a vibrant iPhone customizing community let you personalize your phone.

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