10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2024 [Android and iOS]

In recent years, artificial intelligence has made great strides, and its uses have beyond all of our expectations. One such use is the creation of AI-powered virtual girlfriends. A growing number of singles and those wanting for conversation partners are using AI Girlfriend applications. These digital tools can promote friendship and amusement by simulating human conversation. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best AI girlfriend apps in 2023. Keep scrolling to know more.

Best AI Girlfriend Apps

Here are the 10 best AI girlfriend apps for Android as well as iOS users.

Intimate AI Girlfriend

Intimate is one of the best AI girlfriend apps available right now, and the messages and interactions you have with the characters and the AI girlfriend seem very natural. The remarkably realistic features and vocals of the characters are highly appealing to anyone searching for a virtual girlfriend. Talking with her gives the impression that you are conversing with a real woman.

Sometimes it gets so hard to even realize you are speaking with a virtual person. A character will become more intimate with you and you with them as you have more conversations with them. The characters have the ability to recall what the users convey making it very much good than other apps comparatively .Check out Intimate today to experience an amazing AI girlfriend.


The next option in our list is SeducedAI. The user can experience different positions and fantasies that can include different level of 18+ videos.You can combine different pictures and remake different positions or make new ones that can turn into some very nasty conditions.

You can also get entertainment related to anime.The primary aspects of Seduced.AI are: extremely simple and thorough procedures for content development, and a sizable collection of pictures is accessible, a range of conceivable combinations.


DreamGF.ai is one of the platforms that offers one of the most realistic opportunities to have a virtual girlfriend that is customized to your character and your needs. You can create your ideal girlfriend using the DreamGF tool on DreamGF.ai. This tool allows you to customize your ideal girlfriend down to the most minute aspects of her personality. The first thing you would do is change her appearance by deciding on her race, her age, her body type, the color and style of her hair, the clothes she wears, and a variety of other characteristics.

In addition, if you want to find the perfect personality that you are looking for, you should move on to things like attitudes, jobs, interests, and hobbies. During the conversations, she will gather more information about you and react to how you conduct yourself. As the conversation continues, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself how lifelike it becomes, and she may even send you materials that include multiple types of media.

AI Girlfriend

You can conveniently get the well-known virtual girlfriend app AI Girlfriend from the Apple Store. To provide customers with a genuine experience with the help of AI, the program was developed. The software uses cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) approaches to replicate human dialogue and offer a personalized experience. Users of this app can customize the looks and personalities of their girlfriends. Users can also communicate with and go on dates with their digital girlfriends. It offers an exciting experience to you.


RomancticAI is another super-amazing AI-powered virtual girlfriend app that provides customers with a romantic and individualized experience. Using powerful NLP & ML algorithms, the program replicates human interaction and offers a real girlfriend experience. No matter if you are alone or sad, a virtual girlfriend is sure to boost your mood.

Not only this, as a user, you can also alter the look, personality, and hobbies of your virtual companion. Additionally, RomanticAI offers a range of games and activities that users may do with their virtual spouse, like writing love letters, having virtual dates, and completing love tests. The experience on RomanticAI is genuinely wholesome and exotic.

CoupleAI: Virtual Girlfriend

CoupleAI is a great AI girlfriend that you can download from google playstore. The app offers users a personalized and interesting experience with potent ML and NLP algorithms that mimic human interaction. At times it is hard to differentiate if you are talking to a virtual girlfriend or a real person.

The platform allows users to change the formation and nature of their virtual girlfriend to their preference. CoupleAI offers customers a range of games and activities to enjoy with their digital girlfriends, including viewing films, playing video games, and going on virtual dates. All in all, the experience is fun and exciting.

Replika: My AI Friend

Replika is another AI girlfriend app which is available on thePlay Store. Creating a virtual friend or partner, such as an AI girlfriend, is one of the software’s many functions and capabilities. As a user, you can conveniently find a virtual girlfriend for yourself on the platform.

Adding onto that, you also have the privilege to change the look, personality, and hobbies of your virtual partner with a click. Everything in your partner can be customized as per your needs. Replika replicates human dialogue with the use of cutting-edge NLP and ML algorithms to provide a unique and interesting experience.


Myanima is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual girlfriend app that offers a distinctive and captivating experience. The computer simulates human interaction and provides a realistic girlfriend experience by utilizing powerful NLP and ML algorithms.

Users have the ability to alter their virtual partner’s appearance, demeanor, and interests. You can also play games and engage in activities with your virtual friends on Myanima, such as cooking, watching movies, and going on virtual dates.

Candy AI

Candy AI is a platform that provides users with the opportunity to engage in conversation with artificially intelligent virtual companions that are driven by sophisticated algorithmic frameworks. These companions recreate authentic interactions between humans by providing individualized conversations, roleplays, and scenarios that are designed to feel authentic.

You can make your very own computer-generated girlfriend. You can find your ideal companion here. You can make your own Virtual Girlfriend, customize her appearance and personality, establish a connection with her, and bring her to life with just one click. Intelligence is generated entirely by computer programs.


Lastly on the list of the best AI girlfriend apps is iGirl. This amazing app is available on the Google Play Store. The software of the app uses cutting-edge NLP and ML algorithms to make their fantasy into the virtual world of girls which means the users can create their perfect girlfriends with the help of this app.

Anima AI technology has created this app, in spite of being an AI application iGirl will make the user feel as if they are talking with a real-life girl, they use will feel a good interaction with it and as the interaction will be with the user’s own made fantasize girl so it becomes more interesting. This app constantly updates making it more better with time so you can definitely give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my virtual girlfriend according to me?

Yes, you have the privilege to change and customize your virtual girlfriend according to you. You can change your hair color, physical appearance, looks, actions, etc in no time. As a user, you can create your virtual girlfriend in the way you like. Not only this but after creating a virtual girlfriend for yourself, you can play games with her, listen to her jokes, attend virtual dates with her, etc.

2. What can you do with a virtual girlfriend?

Talking to your chatbot girlfriend can make you more at ease when conversing with people of the opposite sex if your virtual girlfriend is a real person. In a low-risk setting, you may hone your pickup lines and come up with strategies for finding out more about a new woman in your life. Online connections can help people feel less lonely. Additionally, you will have a partner you may communicate with at any moment. Additionally, after making a virtual girlfriend, you are certain to have fun. She won’t even pass judgment on you as she hears all you have to say.


Finally, virtual AI girlfriends are growing in popularity as people look for new ways to engage with and participate in technology. The greatest AI girlfriend app could be difficult to choose from among the numerous that are available on the Android and iOS platforms. 

To help you pick the best AI girlfriend app for your requirements, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best AI girlfriend apps of 2023. Each AI on our list offers a fun experience with a virtual girlfriend. This list contains an app for you whether you want a virtual buddy to chat with or a more engaging and personalized girlfriend experience.

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